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Ed Bent, a veteran firefighter who was a leader in establishing modern training and standards for California firefighters, passed March 27, 2012. Mr. Bent was instrumental in creating a professional model for fire service. He spent 40 years as a firefighter, starting with the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1943. He moved to Redding in 1952 and became a state fire instructor responsible for training firefighters in 13 Northern California counties. He transferred to Sacramento and served almost two decades as superintendent of fire service training for the State Fire Marshal's Office in Sacramento. Under his leadership, California established statewide policies and programs for new firefighters, including a fire academy and certification system. Mr. Bent wrote training texts for dealing with hazardous materials, building collapses and other safety issues. He taught classes for firefighting agencies in Western states and spoke at seminars for professional groups, including the Western Fire Chiefs Association and the National Fire Protection Association. Following his retirement in 1983, the California Fire Chiefs Association established the Ed Bent Training Excellence Award, which is given annually to top firefighting instructors in the state. "Ed Bent's contributions to the firefighting profession in California were of great significance at a time when the system could have failed," said Ron Coleman, a former state fire marshal. "Many people in firefighting today spend their careers under his influence."


Any Fire Department member may nominate a fire service member or citizen for the Ed Bent Award using the Award Nomination Form. This policy and the Award Nomination Form will be available at a later time in the year.  The nomination shall be submitted via his or her agency training officer.  The agency training officer submitting the nomination shall ensure all information is provided along including a detailed description of the event, recounting the actions of the nominated individual. When additional space is needed, a separate word document may be included. The agency training officer shall validate the nomination, verifying the facts and criteria surrounding the nomination. Once validated, the agency training officer will then add any additional comments and forward the completed Award Nomination Form to the chairperson of the Awards Committee.


All nominations need to be received by November 1st of each calendar year.


2017: Jeff Metson, South Lake Tahoe Fire Department


2015:  Tim Sandifer

2014:  David McBride, Huntington Beach Fire Department

2013:  Derek Alkonis, Los Angeles County Fire Department

2012:  Mike Ryan, Santa Clara County Fire Department

2011:  TJ Welsh

2010:  Jake Pelk, Central County Fire Department

2009:  Alicia Hamilton, California Office of State Fire Marshal

2008:  Steve Prziborowski, Santa Clara County Fire Department

2007:  Chuck Wilson

2006:  Steve Cavallero


2004:  Mike Paulette


2002:  Stan Klopfenstein, Santa Fe Springs Fire Department

2001:  Geoff Miller, Sacramento County Fire Protection District

2000:  Sidney Reade, Mid Carmel Valley Fire Protection District

1999:  Kent Freeman, Roseville Fire  Department

1998:  John Hawkins, CA Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

1997:  Dave Goulder, CA Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

1996:  Mike Grillo, Hayward Fire Department

1995:  Don Ciucci, Daly City Fire Department

1994:  Ron Glantz, Fairfield Fire Department

1993:  Jim Eastman, Sacramento County Fire Protection District

1992:  Bill Melendez, Corona Fire Department

1991:  Dennis Sheean, National City Fire Department

1990:  Dr. Richard Resurreccion, CSU Long Beach

1989:  Mike McGroarty, La Habra Fire Department

1988:  Jim Mendosa, Columbia College

1987:  Mike Litvinchuck, San Leandro Fire Department

1986:  George Tockstein, Santee Fire Department

1985:  Hank Gilliam, UC Davis Fire Department

1984:  Dick Rossmaessler, Miramar College

1983:  Paul Stein, Santa Monica Fire Department

1982:  Walt Luihn, Orinda Fire Department

1981:  Gary Rego, Foster City Fire Department


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